Storez Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software Review!

Caution: Try to avoid FOMO, buy only if you really need it.

  • Sell digital files in minutes with this user-friendly ecommerce platform
  • Set up an online store for your digital products in minutes—no coding, hosting, or domain required
  • Integrate with Paypal and Stripe to collect payments from anywhere in the world

Selling digital products is a great way to boost your brand’s revenue—if you know where to sell ‘em. (“Weird how you never hear about door-to-door PDF salesmen.”)

You could launch your own ecommerce store, but getting that up to snuff involves a ton of time and technical skill.

Wish there was a user-friendly platform that made it easy to build an online store for your digital products in just minutes?

Best suited for Content creators, Graphic designers, Marketing agencies

Alternative to: Gumroad, Podia, Shopify

Integrations: PayPal, Stripe

  • With Storez, you can get your ecommerce store up and running in just minutes—no coding, web hosting, or complex tools required.
  • This platform lets you claim a unique link for your store based on a username, which means you can use a social media handle if it’s available.
  • Already have a domain? Connect your domain via CNAME to create your store right on your website.
  • Plus, this platform integrates with PayPal and Stripe for seamless payment processing. That way, you’ll be able to accept payments from anywhere in the world!
  • Storez lets you get your online store up and running in minutes, not days.
    • Storez is packed with a variety of visual themes making it easy to change the look and feel of your store with a single click.
    • You’ll also be able to customize any theme with your brand colors using the built-in theme editor.
    • And because all themes are optimized for desktop and mobile devices, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues on smaller screens.
  • Rest easy knowing your storefront looks amazing on desktop and mobile devices.
    • Adding digital products to your store is as simple as uploading a file or download link. Your customers will get access only after they’ve made their payment.
    • You’ll be able to add a product description and preview photos or videos, so customers know exactly what they’re getting.
    • Even better, you can limit the quantity on any product to introduce scarcity and maximize FOMO.
  • Creating a product is as easy as uploading a file and adding a few key details.
    • Storez lets you embed social media links in your store to drive engagement to different marketing channels.
    • With direct links to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Discord, YouTube, and Reddit, it’s a cinch for your customers to follow your active accounts.
    • You can also add an email address for customer support and inquiries if you don’t want to deal with those requests in your DMs.
  • Add social media links and an email for support to improve customer engagement.
    • You shouldn’t have to be a coding expert to successfully build your own professional online store. (“I made it myself, can you tell?”)
    • Luckily, Storez gives you everything you need to create a mobile-ready ecommerce store in just a few minutes.
    • Sell your content, your way.

Get lifetime access to Storez today!


  • Payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, and any future gateway
  • Own a unique Storez subdomain
  • Real-time store analytics
  • Collaboration and user roles
  • Custom domain

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